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Tiger, Tiger

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Tiger, Tiger by Les Martin & Chris Carter has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files-Teen Series #3
Author: Les Martin & Chris Carter
Published: November, 1995
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis: Suddenly an elephant shows up on the middle of a road. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully both try to find an explanation to what this large animal is doing here. They trace leads them to the local zoo, where they even find more strange things. Will they be able to find out what is really happening here? Or will they find them self to be a prey in an sinister safari...

Two brothers are working as cleaners in a bank. It seems to be a normal night. The two brothers are listening to the radio during work. When they here a strange noise coming their way. It canít be an earthquake, there arenít earthquakes around. And it isnít the season for tornados either... They look around for a safe place, but canít reach the counters in time. The huge window in front of the bank exploded. They where unhurt. They walked over to the broken window. They looked outside and saw a crumbled up car, like some one used a sledgehammer on it. They also saw a newspaper stand which was smashed into tiny bits. Maybe it hadnít been such a good idea, moving to Idaho.

Review: People where working hard to finish the new motorway in time. That meant extra money for overtime hours. They were just having a cup of coffee. Ray Hines was one of the working, who had been working on the roads in these parts for a few years now. Then, suddenly he heard a rumbling noise. First he thought that it would be the wind. But he couldnít feel anything. He looked to the unfinished road and saw that a roadblock was flying through the air. He thought that it might have been the wind, but he couldnít feel even the slightest breeze. Then it struck him. He was flying threw the air, his coffee also. That was the last thing he would see. His coffee break would last forever.

Agent Mulder and Agent Scully had come to a small town in Idaho. The local authorities have found themselves with a strange case. A real X-file if you would ask Mulder. An elephant had been running through the town. They had found the animal after a report. The elephant was still lying there. Mulder and Scully where looking around in the bank. Mulder had asked the local police to leave everything as it was till he had seen it. He and Scully then walked down the street. Wondering what had happened and why.

Mulder had asked the local Zoo for help. Ed Meecham came to answer some questions. The Zoo had money problems. And they would probably lose funding over this incident. Ed couldnít explain how the animal could get out of his cage. He had locked the door as always. He tolled Mulder to talk with Willa Embrose. She was in charge of the Zoo now. Scully asked Mulder what his theory was of this situation. Mulder tolled here that he didnít know yet. He wanted to buy a local newspaper. To make sure that David Copperfield or some other illusionist wasnít performing today.

This book is based on the first season of the TV series. It is the book of episode 3. For those of you who have seen an episode or the movie, and who are looking for an interesting book to read. I would say you have found it. It is a very easy book to read. A book for a rainy evening. It is easy to imagine how Mulder and Scully are working on this file. Or to remember, for those who still can remember the first season of the X-files. I think that the book is missing a deeper feeling of the X-files. You got the mystery, the alien factor, the FBI Agents... What I missed was more of all of that. That may come because I watched every episode, at least once. And already read a lot of the books. Believe me, everything that makes X-files the X-files is in the book. Donít miss the other great X-files books.

The truth is out there and in here.

Title: Tiger, Tiger
Author: Les Martin & Chris Carter
Review by: CL6 Dracmus