Squeeze by Ellen Steiber & Steven Williams is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Rating: The Science Fiction novel Squeeze by Ellen Steiber & Steven WIlliams has been rated 2/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files Teen Series #4
Author: Ellen Steiber & Steven Wiliams
Published: February, 1996
Review by: CL5 Dracmus

Synopsis: George Usher returns to his office after a meeting. He is the only one working late tonight. He gets this odd feeling when he enters the 15th floor where his desk is. Must be the feeling of being alone. He turns on the lights and grabs his cup to get some coffee. Then again, this strange feeling. Back to his desk he finds it odd that the lights are out. He is grabbed and almost strangled to death. But manages to escape. He rolls over his desk but is grabbed again and is thrown thru the door.

Review: An old classmate of Scully is asking her opinion on a case. Scully says that he should be asking Mulder about it, since Mulder knows more about strange cases. But Colton doesn't want Spooky Mulder on his case. Scully promises to go to the crime scene in the morning, since it is just a half hour from her house. Back at the office, she tells Mulder what happened. She asks him to come and look. But just look.

Scully arrives at the crime scene, the next morning, where she find Mulder. The thing which is so strange about this case as that no one went into the building and no one came out. So where is the murderer. Mulder finds some strange, long fingerprints near a vent. He checks his prints at the FBI office. When Scully asks him what he thinks, Mulder pulls out some old case files. The fingerprints in the old files are the same as the prints he just found. But these files go way back, to 1903. Each time there where five murders. Then it's quiet for 30 years and the murderer appears again. But this person can't be that old. And how was he able to get in the building?

Mulder says that he must have come in thru the air vents. But those are so narrow... a normal man couldn't have gone threw them. Scully goes to Colton and tells him what Mulder thinks. But who believes Spooky Mulder. Scully provides Colton with a profile of the murder and even takes part in the stake out at the office where the first crime took place. But listens to the information Mulder provides. Can it be true...

Based on the teleplay written by Chris Carter, this is another book with a story of the first season of X-files. But in this case, I think that it was better on TV then in the book. It just gives it all so away. I found that it was missing just this extra's what would make it an X-files story. The murderer is found soon in the story. And Mulder adds one and one. It's just the other FBI agents who don't believe him. Just as always. But it is a book which you read in an hour or two. And with a little imagination, you can see it happen right there while you read it. It has Mulder and Scully in it.

But the mystery is a little hard to find here. It is the part that you have to imagine. Some one going thru a very small vent system, the guy going thru the chimney. And The fact that he must be over 100 years. For me, those things donīt make a good X-file. But if you are an X-files fan, I still say that you got to read this book. You can't read just the good books, you want to know the full story.

The Truth is out there - and in here!

Title: Squeeze
Author: Ellen Steiber & Steven WIlliams
Review by: CL5 Dracmus