Dark Genesis by J. Gregory Keyes is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Dark Genesis

The Birth of the Psi Corps

Rating: Dark Genesis by Gregory Keyes is a Babylon 5 novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: The Psi Corps, Book 1
Published: October, 1998
Author: J. Gregory Keyes
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

Synopsis: Scientists have found proof that the human race has telepaths among them. The news is shocking and the Earth Alliance decides to take care of it. A new department is created to find and contain these telepaths. Telepaths are given three choices: the sleeper drug, jail or the PSI Corps. There options are not acceptable for some and they choose to go into hiding, and rebel groups are formed all over the globe.

Review: A group of students have found proof that telepaths are among us. A medical magazine has published the results of their studies. Earth’s government copies those studies and reaches the same conclusion. When the news reaches the media, people start to panic and find easy ways to dispose of so called telepaths, because they always win at cards, or he looked funny at me, must be reading my mind, etc. etc. Senator Lee Crawford steps up to restore order in these times of madness and the PSI Corps is created.

PSI Corps is a place for telepaths to call home, a place where they can be free. A place where Earth government can keep a close eye on them and control them. Senator Crawford, a normal human, is leading this operation. It is his job to find all the telepaths and make sure they are either part of the Corps or other wise made harmless. The government has found a way to scan people and tell who’s a telepath. Only 30 % manages to get through unnoticed, and many of those lucky people join the resistance. But there are also people very willing to work for the PSI Corps, and they are off to find those rebels in society to bring them back to the family, the crops is mother, the corps is father.

There are several small groups of rebel telepath fighters who give the PSI Corps a hard time gathering all the ‘teeps’. Children are grabbed right before they are scanned at school, people are friends from different locations, like the re-education camps. All is done to free their own. They get help from normals who lost family members to the Corps, from the church and even from industries. All help is needed because the Corps is everywhere. But with a good working railroad system many manage to stay out of the Corps way.

The book gives you way more information about the PSI Corps then the series does. Why was it made, how was it made, and why is it there, these questions are all answered in the first of the trilogy books. The books starts with names and places most of us will have never heard off, but along the way will hear familiar names like Bester and Alexander. If you are not into Babylon 5 but like stories about telepaths, then this is interesting as well. You don’t even have to seen Babylon 5, because this storyline has been used in other places as well like the x-men. It all comes down that a group is found different, and others feel threatened by them.

Title: Dark Genesis
Series: Birth of the Psi Corps #1
Author: J. Gregory Keyes
Review by: CL7 Dracmus