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Rating: The Science Fiction novel TITLE by AUTHOR has been rated */5 by this reviewer.
Series: The Moon, Book 2
Author: Ben Bova
Published: March, 1998
Review by: CL6 Kali D'or

Moonwar is the sequel to Moonrise, the story of the Stavenger/Masterson family and the Moonbase saga. The book has the same intensity of emotion, the same level of suspense and treachery as its' predecessor. We continue with politics, murder and intrigue. Profits and corporate infighting, secret agendas and personal power struggles keep the book moving at a fast and furious pace - so pay attention!

This story begins shortly after the end of Moonrise and continues the story of Doug Stavenger's crusade to save Moonbase and its nano-technology from the fanatics who seem have to taken over from any and all level-headed scientists and politicians on earth. Georges Henri Faure is now the President of the United Nations and is using his position, his connections and his fear of the nano-technology to create mistrust, personal harm and economic catastrophe for the residents of Moonbase.

In fact, he has sent an armed force to take over Moonbase. What becomes clear is not so much his hatered of Douglas Stavenger and his mother Joanna Masterson, but his desire for control and profit. Things on earth are not good, there is global hunger, disease and political unrest. Faure is not above using the situation to cause even more trouble.

Of course, Doug Stavenger MUST use every trick in the book to save Moonbase. He cannot ever return to Earth - his body now infested with nanomachines - he is a target for every crazy on the planet, and would be assassinated the minute his feet hit the ground earthside. His mother is still his biggest supporter, and must now contend with a recalcitrant Board of Directors that is being manipulated and sabotaged at every turn.

Thank goodness for the Media! A new arrival, Edith Elgin, a member of the working press, has talked her way aboard the shuttle taking the forces sent by Faure to take over Moonbase, and eventually finds herself personally experiencing the first assault on the base. Lucky for her, the residents are not killers and soldiers. Lucky for everyone on Moonbase, Edith has a conscience, is damned determined to do the right thing, and uses every connection and trick in the book to use her position to get the truth to the public. And very lucky for Doug, she likes him, eventually.

This story is told differently from the first one. Moonrise takes place over a period of many years, as the technology has to be developed to build the base, and Doug needs time to grow up. This sequel is placed within a very specific time frame, over the course of weeks, during which the base is cut off from Earth, is attacked and defended, and have to read it to find out what happens.

I do hope that Ben Bova has another one of these in him somewhere! The story has an excellent start, exciting middle, and compelling and satisfying ending. But there is room left for more. The story has great possibilities to take it one more step, and I look forward to the author's next installment - please!!

Title: Moonwar
Author: Ben Bova
Series: The Moon, Book 2
Review by: CL6 Kali D'or