Starship Troopers: The Comis by Warren Ellis & Gordon Rennie is a Science Fiction graphic novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Starship Troopers: The Comic

Rating: The Science Fiction graphic novel Starship Troopers: The Comic by Warren Ellis & Gordon Rennie has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Warren Ellis & Gordon Rennie
Published: 1997
Review by: CL4 Vex Aldrin

Synopsis: A bug asteroid, containing an invasion force of bugs, crashes on Mars a few years before the movie. All the bugs are dead. The young Terran Federation sends out a team to the bug homeworld Klendathu, to investigate these strange new arachnid life-forms. One of the members of that team is a young Rasczak! All seems to go just fine, until team-leader Seine decides to land on Klendathu. Then...all the trouble begins and it becomes a struggle to get off Klendathu.

Review: Woow! This comic rocks! It has the same kind of bug-rush as the movie. The characters are great; you actually feel sorry for them when they die. But one person is certain to survive: Rasczak. He is one of the very few survivors, although he loses his arm (and that solves the mystery how he lost his arm).

The art is good, very nice, very clear and no difficult pictures. It looks a bit like a screenplay for a movie.

Story 2: "Brute Creations"

Author: Jan Strand
Synopsis: A few years after Insect Touch. Rasczak has become a teacher and the bug war is going on. Rasczak is send to teach a colony of Mormon extremists on the planet Dantana in the bug quarantine-zone. And as usual, everything goes wrong, the bugs attack.

Review: I gave it 1 star for the effort. The story sucks. Why the Hell would Rasczak go into the bug quarantine-zone, it just doesn't make sense. But it was a nice thought, the attack on Dantana is mentioned in the movie as a short newsflash, but that wasn't enough to base a story on. Ohw, and the art is horrible.

Story 3: "Starship Troopers"

Author: Bruce Jones
Synopsis: This isn't really necessary, because this is the official movie-comic. It has exactly the same story about Johnny Rico and his friends during the bug war.

Review: This is a very short, but nice version of the movie. It has the same characters, bugs, ships etc. They all look like they came from the movie, except for the characters. They all look quite different from the actors, only Lt. Rasczak looks like Michael Ironside. This comic also has good and not to difficult art. You can easily see what's happening on a panel. This is a worthy movie-comic.

Title: Starship Troopers: The Comic
Author: Warren Ellis & Gordon Rennie
Review by: CL4 Vex Aldrin