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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Rating: Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Sidney Sheldon is a novel rated 3/5 by this reviewer
Published: 2004
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Review by: CL4 Dmitri

The best selling author Sidney Sheldon's latest novel "Are You Afraid of the dark?" is largely based around a conspiracy. A conspiracy regarding the worlds largest think tank and their involvement in the suspicious deaths of their employees all around the world. Could it really be that they are killing their own people?

Two woman, model Kelly Harris and painter Diane Stevens, find themselves united after the deaths of their beloved husbands. They both decide to search for their husbands killer, not by choice, but they are forced together due to a set of nerve racking attempts on both their lifes. Both are difficult woman and find it hard to get along, yet eventually through what could only be fate they manage to build up an understanding and respect of one another.

Their search for their husbands killer leads all the way to the American senate. There is no one they can trust or turn to. No friends, family or even law enforcement. These killers will seemingly stop at nothing. Both Diane and Kelly know there is no where to run anymore and that they will only keep their life if their pursuer is to lose his.

I read this book relatively quickly, it usually takes me a week or so but i read this in a few days. The book is extremely fast paced with new twists on literally every few pages. Though at times i felt there was too much tension and too much suspense, the author had built it up for so long there were no new levels for him to take the reader. In addition to that i felt there was probably a little too much sexual content in the book, though the entire idea of the book is to be lighthearted and suspenseful reading.

"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" is certainly not an amazing book, it is merely good and enjoyable to read. I have been a long time reader of Sidney Sheldon's works and this is by no means his best book, but certainly not his worst. On the front cover of his book he is described as "Master of the Unexpected", it is certainly a title he deserves.

Title: Are You Afraid of the Dark
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Review by: CL4 Dmitri