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Area 7

Rating: Area 7 by Matthew Reilly is a novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer
Author: Matthew Reilly
Published: 2002
Review by: CL4 Carter

Area 7 is the fourth novel by best selling Australian author Matthew Reilly. It is also Reilly’s second novel to feature Captain Shane M. Schofield, call sign: SCARECROW of the United States Marine Corps. He is the hero of ‘Ice station’.

In Area 7, Schofield is part of the ceremonial USMC detail assigned to guard the president on his Helicopter trip into the Nevada desert to inspect secret U.S Military installations. However when they arrive at Area 7 there is a thoroughly unpleasant surprise waiting for them.

The base is under the command of Rogue General Caesar Russell. Russell plans to destroy the United States. However it is the way in which he plans to do so which makes the novel so interesting. Russell unleashes his Elite Air Force commandos on the President within the confines of the base. If they manage to kill the President, a microchip secretly planted in his heart years before will trigger the explosion of nuclear bombs planted by Russell throughout the United States.

Of course The Scarecrow isn’t about to let that happen. What follows is an unrelenting onslaught of action and suspense. Featuring shootouts, crazed convicts, wild animals and the threat of a new strain of racially selective biological warfare.

If plot drive action packed thrillers are your thing then buy it now. However, if you want depth and character development in your novels then I suggest you give this one a miss. Also as a fan of all things Military, I found this book to be thoroughly unrealistic and far-fetched, despite the fact that there is something to the way Reilly writes which kept me turning the pages.

Reilly’s pacy style really draws you in and this sense of involvement is only heightened by the inclusion of diagrams, maps and lists within the book which helped me to picture where the characters where and what they were seeing. Another nice touch to the book I thought was the inclusion at the back of the book of an interview with Reilly about Area 7, his writing technique and various other things. All in all I gave Area 7 4 stars out of 5.

Title: Area 7
Author: Matthew Reilly
Review by: CL4 Carter