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The Bourne Supremacy

Rating: The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum is a novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer
Author: Robert Ludlum
Series: Jason Bourne 2
Published: 1986
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or

Somewhere in China, Jason Bourne has returned!

The Bourne Supremacy continues the story of Jason and Marie. They have now retired to a college campus in New England where he is teaching history, and he now knows the secret to his real identity. This revelation comes as a real shock to the men of Medusa who ran him when he was undercover.

Who is this new Jason Bourne, and what is the point of his surfacing at this time? Between the events in China, the questions raised in the states, and Jason's continued lapses of memory, a decision is made to bring this whole mess to a final and shocking conclusion.

In order to bring Jason Bourne/David Webb back into the fold, Medusa kidnaps Marie and sends Jason/David off on a chase halfway around the world tracking the new Jason Bourne - an imposter? or the real thing?

Again, the international intrigue, the details, the sheer volume of work that went into this novel is daunting to anyone who hasn't read a Robert Ludlum book. Of course, they made a movie out of this one too, but based on how untrue to the book the last one was, I hav no desire to see it. Again, if you want to know how Jason/David figures this one out, you have to read it.

There are two characters that you must take note of in this book. Alex Conklin, the man who "created" Jason Bourne and Morris Panov, the psychiatrist who helps him get his life back. These men are integral in all three of Ludlum's Bourne books. But they are truly compelling in this one as they do everything in their power to salvage a horrible situation and save both Jason/David and Marie. The Bourne storyline would not be as successful without Conklin and Panov.

So, my advice is, one more time, don't waste your $ on the movie, read the book!

Title: The Bourne Supremacy
Author: Robert Ludlum
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or