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The Boys From Brazil

Rating: The Boys From Brazil by Ira Levin is a novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer
Author: Ira Levin
Published: December 1995
Review by: CL5 Dracmus

Synopsis: There is a meeting, somewhere in South America. The next step in the big plan is up. A step which means that ninety-four men have to be killed. They all have to be killed in a certain timeframe for the plan to succeed. A plan to bring back histories greatest evil to rule over the world one more.

Review: It is the year 1974. Mr. Liebermann is trying to find old Nazi's to bring them to justice. He has no money but people are willing to help him all over the world. He is gives lectures about World War II. Then, one day a young man, who was eager to help him calls. He has prove that Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, is in Brazil. Liebermann isn't surprised, he has found Mengele before. But Mengele was always able to slip away. The man, Barry Koehler says that he has a tape with Mengele's voice on it. But then the connection is broken.

While Liebermann and a few volunteers help him getting the office in a, well work space. He hears about men being killed. But again, Nazi's show up at the places of death. He is going to investigate. He goes to the widow and her son to get some information. But there is little she can tell. Her man wasn't involved in any Nazi work. He returns home, where he finds more of these cases. Again he travels to a widow trying to get more information. And again, No relation can be found to the Nazi's. But then the widows son arrives and Liebermann is stunned. It is the same boy as he saw before, exactly the same. This can't be. But the mother doesn't know anything about it.

Meanwhile. Mengele is carrying out his plan. To kill all the ninety-four fathers. They are living all over the world. But that doesn't matter. They have to die, doesn't matter how. His plan will work. Circumstances have to be exactly the same. It has to work.

I find this a good book. Even when I had to read if for English class. And let me tell you. The movie isn't as good as the book, not by a long shot. Don't let those German words or sentences take away the fun. I find it a good aspect. Ok I know German as well, but why shouldn't Austrian people or Germans speak German. Don't worry just a little in the book. A great story, about the faith an old man has to make the younger people know what happened during World War II. That it should not repeat itself. But what would the circumstances have to be to make it happen again.

Hatred, bad economy, politics going bad, we see that happen even now. I only hope that we all have enough common sense to prevent this. And hope that the ending of the book will turn out right. As it is a very open ending, which lets the reader think about what could come.

Title: The Boys From Brazil
Author: Ira Levin
Review by: CL6 Dracmus