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Transfer of Power

Rating: Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn is a novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer
Author: Vince Flynn
Published: 1999
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or

I only bought Transfer of Power because I was so impressed with Term Limits, the first book that Vince Flynn wrote. Now I am totally hooked on this author!

Transfer of Power introduces us to Mitch Rapp, a secret operative of the CIA, very very deep cover. No one knows of his existence except at the very top of the CIA. Even the newly elected President, Robert Hayes, doesn't know about him. Mitch is called The Iron Man and he is one tough cookie.

The bad guys in the Islamic world have decided that an attack is needed on Washington, DC - the President being the target. This book takes place BEFORE 9/11, so keep that in mind as you read it.

We start with a secret operation somewhere in the Middle East where Mitch and his Orion team and a group of Navy SEALS are going to kidnap a leader of the terrorist Jihad, Fara Harut, and pump him for information. The technical details of this operation and the men involved is a heck of a kick-start to a story that doesn't quit from the first page.

While the operation is a success, another one is happening in DC - run by Rafique Aziz, the man Rapp has sworn to kill. The planning and implementation of this attack is scary in light of the world we now live in following September 11th. And it is entirely plausible.

An attack on the White House, the people involved from the President on down to a new NBC reporter, Anna Reilly, are all intertwined with Mitch Rapp and his team, The Joint Chiefs, NSA, CIA, FBI, the Capital Police, landmarks we know and may have visited, and what can happen when we let our guard down.

THe White House is successfully infiltrated, hostages are taken, the President is trapped in an underground bunker, people are murdered in cruel and calculating cold blood, and Mitch Rapp is the only one who can rescue them.

This book moves like a freight train out of control - The author keeps throwing in characters, deftly back-storying them while turning up the intensity of the events as they unfold. A new NBC anchor, Anna Rielly, CIA Director Stansfield, his Asst. Irene Kennedy, Secter Service Agents Ellen Morton and Jack Warch, General Flood and Capt. Dan Harris - these are the good guys. We are reintroduced to Skip McMahon of the FBI and his boss Director Roach. And don't miss Dr. Hornig, the specialist in chemical interrogation or Milt Adams, the WWII veteran who volunteers to help Mitch. These two people are keys to the success to the story and are both a surprise in the depth of committment the author gives them!

Then add a few more White House classic nut-cases! The Vice President, Sherman Baxter, his Chief of Staff Dallas King (such a slimeball) and the Attorney Margaret Tutweiler are so dreadful they are hilarious in their ineptitude. Again, Flynn has created people you just want to strangle or stuff a sock in their mouths! Throw in the Director of the Mossad and you have a mix that will keep you up all night wondering who is going to stab who in the back next.

Technically, everything is dead on. The boats, ships, helipcopters, bugs, transmitters, parachutes, night vision goodies, its all in there! If you want a real roller coaster read - this one is for you - you will NOT put it down till you finish it.

Title: Transfer of Power
Author: Vince Flynn
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or