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Separation of Power

Rating: Separation of Power by Vince Flynn is a novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer
Author: Vince Flynn
Published: 2001
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or

Separation of Power takes off immediately after the conclusion of The Third Option. Irene Kennedy is now the Director of the CIA and Mitch Rapp is off the Orion Team and trying to make the transition to a desk job. To say that this is difficult is an understatement!

There are still major problems in the Middle East. Saddam Hussein is still a player, albeit with limited mention, but there none the less. The events of the previous book continue as the CIA, FBI and Mitch's friends and team members try to discover just who was behind Peter Cameron's actions. This is not an easy task as the clues are few and far between.

The situation in Germany that started the chain of events in the last book are still in the forefront of this one - and althugh many of the same players are still around, their agends have taken an even more sinister turn. The Senators will stop at nothing to get rid of Irene Kennedy and Mitch Rapp.

Mitch and Anna travel to Milan where a meeting with Donatella Rahn doesn't go as planned and he finds himself thrown into a situation with Donatella that Anna can't even begin to understand. This does nothing to make his decision to take the offer of the inside position and leave the field once and for all..

The implications of all the events leading up to this book, and the actions of a select few in this one will either stabilize or completely any attempt ot peace in the Middle East. And Mitch is in the middle once more. We have Bedouins, Saddam Hussein, the Israelis, the guys from the Orion Team and SEALS, and a completely unstable Senator Rudin who is committed to derail any success that doesn't fit his agenda.

The political back stabbing and jockeying for position with complete disregard for the potential global ramifications should be shocking, but in this day and age, it would seem perfectly logical based on what we continue to see and hear coming out of Washington on a daily basis. Vince Flynn does an excellent job of portraying the good and bad of government politics, power plays, inter-party infighting, deals and betrayals. You almost need a score card to keep track of all the shifting alliances, but that is what makes the story so compelling.

When you get to the end, you almost want to go back and re-read sections to make sure that what happened did, or didn't in order to reach the final page. Again, another great book by Flynn, and one hope that there is another installment very soon!

The question is "Can he continue the same level of tension, detail, and pure storytelling one more time?"

Title: Separation of Power
Author: Vince Flynn
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or