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The Footprints of God

Rating: The Footprints of God by Greg Iles is a novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer
Author: Greg Iles
Published: March 2004
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or

Dr. David Tennent has narcolepsy - he falls asleep with no warning and has VERY strange dreams. He is currently employed by a group of top techno-scientists who are working on a secret project to place the mind of a human into a super-computer. His job - to maintain an ethical perspective on the project. Is it right to do this? To grant immortality to a person in the form of a sentient computer that could gain control of the Internet and all other systems that may connect to National Security, Defense, Finances, and global Security? This is a serious dilema he is faced with and unfortunately the people he works for have agendas that are secret and dangerous. Tennant is sent, by his employer, to see a psychiatrist, Rachel Weiss, becuase there is no reason for his condition, except that it started following a Super MRI scan.

Some of his associates in the development of this super-computer have disappeared, and his mentor and confidant is murdered. Who did it? Is there something going on that Tennant doesn't know about? Who, exactly, is Peter Godin and what is his plan for this project? And how is the President involved?

Tennant and Weiss are the targets of a seriously sociopathic security guard, Geli Bauer, who will do anything to protect Trinity Projet, including hunting down and killing Tennant and Weiss. Of course, who Geli is really working for, and why she reacts to this situation is anyones guess, especially when we find out who is in charge of an alternate facility.

I wasn't sure exactly how the title worked into the novel until about halfway thru the book. Why is Tennant obsessed (when asleep) with Jesus and Israel? Even toward the end of the book, it wasn't exactly clear, and after I finished it, I thought I may have gotten the authors message.

Regardless of that small hitch in the book, I was definitely intrigued by the characters. Tennant is so tortured by his dreams, Rachel Weiss is torn between her medical training and skepticism, her growing feelings of protection for Tennant, and fear for her life as it become obvious someone wants them both dead. Peter Grodin, Ravi Nara (another Dr. involved), Ewan MacKaskell (works for the President) - they are all involved on one level or another and each has his own plan. They are creatively developed, flawed and prone to make big mistakes in judgement and loyalty. Grodin is just plain scary!

How Rachel and David stay one step ahead of the bad guys, and reolve the situation; who eventually comes out of the woodwork and lends a hand is a surprise, and the ending is nice, altho rather predictable. All in all, I really liked the book, as I have anjoyed everything Greg Iles has written.

This one takes a new look at the directions technology is going and the dilemas of medicine, government oversight, religion and the ethics that each participant must wrestle with as we move forward into the next level of high-tech. Give it a read - it may give you something to think about the next time you turn on your computer.

Title: The Footprints of God
Author: Greg Iles
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or