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Crisis Four

Rating: Crisis Four by Andy McNab is a novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer
Author: Andy McNab
Published: 2000
Review by: CL4 Carter

Crisis Four is the second fiction novel by former Special Air service operator and author of the best selling Bravo Two Zero, Andy McNab.

In Crisis Four, McNabs character is again ex-SAS soldier Nick Stone who is now working on deniable operations for British Military Intelligence, MI6. For this particular mission, Stone is tasked with finding and eliminating one of their operatives, Sarah Greenwood.

Sarah is beautiful and highly intelligent - the only women Stone has ever been in love with. When it comes time to kill her he finds he cannot, at least without hearing what she has to say. So the two go on the run in the North Carolina woods, trying to stay one step ahead of Local law enforcement, the intelligence agencies and the militants.

Sarah tells Stone of a plan to assassinate two world leaders who are visiting the White House. Together they set out to stop it, using a friend of Stones in the Secret Service to get them in. As the book reaches its gripping conclusion, Sarah’s true loyalties become clear and Stones list of friends becomes even shorter.

I found Crisis Four to be very realistic and informative. It was fast paced and gripping throughout. Yet again McNab shares his military knowledge, going into great detail when explaining Stones actions and tactics. This, I feel. really adds to the book and sets it apart from other writers of this genre'. I gave this novel 4 out of 5.

Title: Crisis Four
Author: Andy McNab
Review by: CL4 Carter