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The Contortionist's Handbook

Rating: The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger is a novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer
Author: Craig Clevenger
Published: September, 2002
Review by: Jaina

The Contortionist's Handbook is a positively wonderful novel set in a world of crime, drugs, and forgery. It revolves around a young man named John Dolan Vincent (junior) a young man who failed school - in fact, never graduated at all, but is a brilliant mathematician who can copy anything.

His main problem is however, severe migraines, which he calls "godsplitters". Headaches which doctors deny actually exist. To combat them John takes street drugs, but after 3 days of headaches, often he stops them by overdosing on the drugs he used. Of course, overdosing twice lands one in an asylum, so he uses his skills to create a new identity after each godsplitter.

He lands in the hospital again, OD-ed on Carisoprodol. Keara, his girlfriend is forced to leave him to avoid some underworld thugs who wish to keep John for their own devious purposes. The hospital will not allow him to leave though, until he sees an Evaluator. (They see him as a suicide risk.) With his identity collapsing around him, and time running out before the thugs get their hands on him, he must prove to Dr. Richard Carlisle that he is not suicidal to escape both the hospitalís fingers as well as the thugs.

If you enjoy movies like Oceanís Eleven or books of similar genre, I suspect you will quite enjoy this novel. I recommend it to anyone, but particularly those who enjoy the criminal mind.

Title: The Contortionist's Handbook
Author: Craig Clevenger
Review by: Jaina Smith