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Term Limits

Rating: Term Limits by Vince Flynn is a novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer
Author: Vince Flynn
Published: July, 1999
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or

Term Limits is the first book written by Vince Flynn. If anything else he writes is even close to this good, he is on his way to a stellar bestselling career.

This book takes place in Washington, DC. It is a pure political intrigue action thriller. THe main character, freshman Senator Michael O'Rourke, reminds me very much of Jimmy Stewart's role in Mr. Smith goes to Washington. He is new, smart, honest and totally dismayed by the games that are played in the nations' capital.

The current President, is trying to get a new budget approved: his re-election is riding on this bill. A team of special ops assassins take out 3 of the Presiden't biggest opponents to the budget, but no one seems to know why these 3 men are targeted. Until, of course, a message is sent to the Oval Office, "fix the budget, fix the government, or more crooked politicians will die".

One one side we have the President, his totally obnoxious Chief of Staff, a National Security Advisor who has "issues" with the CIA, FBI and anyone else who might know more than her does, the President's Director of Communications, the head spin doctor, and a bunch of other hanger's on who are not much use to anyone.

On the other side is Michael O'Rourke, his girlfriend Liz Duncan, FBI Special Agent Skip McMahon and his friend Brian Roach, Director of the FBI. The Presiden't staffers hate the FBI, are jealous of any power they percieve someone else may have. The machinations of the White House against the FBI, local DC cops and anyone else trying to investigate the murders.

Who is hiding what? Who is working for who? Is there another agenda behind the scenes that Michael is unaware of? What event in his past is going to come back to haunt him, and who hould he trust? What do the Navy SEAL's have to do with this? and why is his friend Senator killed?

Vince Flyn weaves a very tangled, twisted web of evidence, suspects, and convoluted turns that you just can't stop reading. The fact that the book takes place in DC, where I spend alot of time, madeit even better reading as I have been to places he uses as locations for some of the events. Gives it a "been there, done that" feel for me personally. THe personalities of his characters are so well crafted and developed, you feel that you know and either love or hate them. The Chief of Staff is PERFECT! He is a total jerk and all you want to do is slap the guy upside the head through the entire book.

Read this one over a weekend when its raining, because once you start it, you will not want to put it down.

Title: Term Limits
Author: Vince Flynn
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or