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Angel - Hollywood Vampire

Author: Keith Topping
Published: 2004
Review by: CL7 Kali D'or

Why did I buy this book? Because when I was unemployed, I got stuck watching re-runs of Angel on TNT every day and now I'm hooked. And just when it starts getting interesting, they cancel the darn show. Shame on those suits at the "networks" for killing this one off when it was getting even better.

Basically, Hollywood Vampire fills in all the storyline blanks for those of us who didn't watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or who picked Angel up somewhere between Season 1 and 4. Unfortunately, Season 5 ended it all, so I will have to wait for the 2005 edition to find out what I missed.

The book is nicely organized by episode, give concise plot lines and characterizations, and also references to past episodes, characters, Buffy incidents, and whatever else the author finds interesting or important.

He also has special bits and pieces about the actors, i.e. Cordelia (her dialogue is just as funny/tough/sarcastic/smart in print as it was on screen. He also has creat comments on the cast's wardrobe, how they sang at Karatos, Food and booze, Accents, quotes, bits about some of the character actors and extras, and a whole lot more.

This book is over 450 pages of fun and information, snide remarks and in-depth detail. If you are an Angel fan, get it and keep it by the tv so you can laugh along with the show in re-runs. Angel will be missed, but at least we have syndication!