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The Willow Files, Volume 2

Author: Yvonne Navarro
Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Review by: CL5 Dracmus

Synopsis:"I mean, I'm not like a full-fledged witch - that takes years. I just did a couple of pagan blessings and teeny glamour to hide a zit." -Willow

Willow Rosenberg is a Jewish girl who loves computers and school. She lives in Sunnydale a hellmouth. She had a normal life, well as normal as it can get in a hellmouth till her friend Buffy came to live here. Now she is one of the Slayeretts, together with Xander, Giles and Cordelia they help Buffy getting ride of the demons which live in their neighborhood. And studying witchcraft.

Review: The book, as it says are the files of Willow. Or better notes from her diary. It contains three stories. Each one about some sort of demon, you can't imagine how many different kinds of demons there are. Read how this group of friends manages to survive in a hellmouth. Where nothing is normal. Expect the unexpectable... Three stories of magic, mayhem, and maturity.

Gingerbread: "Another step and you will all the my power... It's a really big power."-Willow Buffy out patrolling, she knows that something is in the bushes. Then her mom shows up, with a snack. Buffy tries to get ride of her mom, telling her that patrolling is danger us, well just a little. Mom doesn´t want to go. And what do you mean, dangerous. Buffy turns around and dusts a vampire. Mom doesn´t believe what she is seeing, so Buffy decides to go to the playground. So mom can calm down a little. They walk toward the playground and see the bodies of two little children, around 8 and 10 years. Buffy's mom almost faints at the sight. Some thing has to be done about this. This isn´t normal.

Well what is normal at a hellgate Buffy thinks.... Her mom decides to start a group to stop things like this.

Doppelgängland: "Just remember, a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was."-Buffy. Willow is asked by Anya to help her with a spell. Nothing major just opening a wrinkle in time. They perform the spell on school during classes. Anya wants to have a necklace which has been in her family for centuries. But nothing happens. Willow has to go home, doing some body else's homework. Orders from principal Snyder. So the gang goes to the Bronze without her. That evening, Xander sees Willow, with a total different look. Willow turns around, facing Xander. And takes a little snack: the girl at another table. She has become a vampire.

Choices: "You...all of you...Why coudn't you be normal?"-Principal Snyder. Faith had gone to the dark side, working for the major now. And while the group is thinking about which college they will attend after graduation, the major is making plans for his big day. Now that can´t be good. He has "The box of Gavrock". Something crucial for the majors big party. The slayer hears of his plans and steels the box from the major. But Willow is caught by the majors' vampires.

Based on the TV series Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon and the teleplays: Gingerbread by Jane Espenson (story by Thania St. John and Jane Espenson), Doppelgängerland by Joss Whedon, and Choices by David Fury.