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The Lunatic Cafe

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Series: Anita Blake #4
Published: 1996
Review by: CL4 Kaysa

The fourth book of the Anita Blake series is called the Lunatic Cafe. This book was definitely lacking in all aspects. It was also very gory and very descriptive. Please don't read this book if you're squeamish or right before bed!

In this book, Anita has to deal with those lovable creatures, lycanthrope (you know what a werewolf is? It's part of the lycanthrope family, although there's not only werewolves but other were animals too). Apparently there's a huge power struggle in the werewolf ranks between Marcus, the Alpha werewolf, and Richard, the next in line. But wait, Richard also happens to be Anita's boyfriend (or after half way through the book, her fiance). What I want to know is when Anita will wake up and realize that Richard is not the one for her, Jean-Claude is! I mean, how can anyone resists him? Ok, so he's a fictional vampire character and not real but he's still sexy! Obviously Anita certainly doesn't have her head screwed on straight.

I love Ms Hamilton's stuff and I highly recommend it (in other words go out and buy her books!) But honestly you have to have a strong stomach when it comes to the book. I warn you, the book is written at such a fast pace that sometimes you yourself fell tired. For instance, when Gretchen, (Jean-Claude's "girlfriend") beats Anita up and Anita gets really hurt, I felt like I had felt some of it. Ms Hamilton writes in such a way that she sucks you into Anita's world and makes you feel like you're actually in St. Louis, where the book is located.

I'll finish the reviews of the rest of the series as soon as I can order the books, I really can't wait for this story and all stories to continue.

If you haven't read one of Ms Hamilton's books, I suggest you do so!