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Author: Stephen King
Published: 1973
Review by: CL4 MissMaul

Stephen King hits off his carrier with the novel "Carrie". A pretty realistic horror story that all the bullies should be forced to read. It starts off in the girls shower at a high school, where Carrie gets her first period at the age of 16. All the girls laugh at her and when the gym teacher tries to calm her down, suddenly all the lights go out. And when Carrie’s at the headmasters office to get permission to go home for the rest of the day suddenly the ashtray falls off the desk, even though it didn’t stand close to the edge.

This is when Carrie discovers she has telekinetic powers, brought up by the hate for the other students and her mother. Carrie’s mother is very religious and believes she has to protect her daughter from all kinds off sins. This makes Carrie an outsider at school where she gets bullied by practically everyone.

But then one day she gets asked to the prom by Tommy Ross. He is persuaded by his girlfriend Sue Snell, who feels sorry for what she has done in the dressing room. It’s a dream come true for Carrie who’s telekinetic powers have grown in the past weeks. There’s one problem: Christine Hargenson, she’s been excluded from the prom because she wouldn’t do the detention she’s given after the dressing room affair. She asks her boyfriend, Billy Nolan, to set up a trap at the prom. But they didn’t know about Carrie’s power and have no idea what they’ll start when they’ll ruin the prom for Carrie.

Carrie is the kind of story that’s realistic enough to be predictable. That didn’t bother me though, it is well written with enough tense moments to keep you reading. What I did mind was that the characters didn’t have any depth. They are stereotypes who exactly react on things as the should. But the settings are good enough to ignore that fact, weird events and a great ending.

The whole story works to a climax which you can predict but still want to know. The thing I liked most were the parts from other books and newspapers. This makes the book even more realistic and it’s just a nice touch. If you were expecting a gore horror story you should skip this. It is horror and there is blood, but there aren’t any monsters, the only unrealistic thing is the telekinetic part. Throw that away and you have a drama-thriller story. It’s horror because of the ending and the unrealistic part, but it’s no hard horror. That’s why I liked it. So, Carrie is worth reading. It makes you think, has a morale, but is still horror and has action and tension.