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Author: Stephen King
Published: 2001
Review by: CL5 Kali D'or

For a while there, I wasn't sure exactly what Stephen King was writing or thinking. He had that thing with the on-line novel, he still hasn't finished The Dark Tower Series, and the last few things he has written weren't really GREAT!!! But, I figured, since we were opening the new Horror Section, I might as well read this one and tell you about it. Then I can get back to the really good old stuff he made his fortune with!

King has taken us back to Derry, Maine, the location of some of his best literary moments, for a terrifying visit with four old friends. You have to have faith in the incident at Roswell, NM if you want to buy into this book. Jonesy, Pete, Henry and the Beav did something good 25 years ago and it has come back to haunt them. They are now middle aged, questioning the scope of their existence, and generally striken with that age-old male mid-life crisis stuff. They get together every year to go hunting in the woods above Deery, drink a little beer, tell stories and relive their childhood. Needless to say, this year's hunting trip doesn't turn out the way they planned.

There is a connection between the Roswell Incident, the four men, and another. One who is "different", and who has been part and apart of their lives since their jr. high school days. Duddits is "special", which in today's politically correct society, means he's retarded/slow/mentally challenged. But for some reason, he bonds with them so very many years ago and that has a profound effect on this years' November adventure. Watch for strange lights in the sky, and growing red stuff.

And Aliens. Now, I thought about this of a few minutes - Does this belong in Sci-Fi or Horror. Keep reading - its horrorific Sci-fi. and its GOOD!! So, put on your seatbelt. It starts a little slow, but as you get into the characters (signature King character development in this book - details..details..details), it gets harder and harder to put it down. Definitely a good one for a dark, cold winter weekend. In Maine. Alone in a cabin in the woods.

This is not a kids book - it is graphic and can be rather profane - the language is strong, the details can be disturbing in the descriptions, and the death count is high. So, this is a warning - it may not be your kind of book. If you are prone to nightmares, it definitely isn't for you.