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Lasher: Lives of the Mayfair Witches

Author: Anne Rice
Published: 1995
Review by: CL4 Kaysa

Lasher begins almost immediately after the end of "The Witching Hour", which is a good thing because there was so much left unsaid and undone by the Mayfairs and Lasher. Rowan Mayfair is being held hostage by her monsterish son by Michael, Lasher and he keeps her hostage until she conceives a child with him, a daughter named Emaleth. Later, Rowan attacks Lasher and escapes him. On her way home, she gives birth to Emaleth whom she leaves in a barn in the middle of nowhere. The Mayfairs find Rowan, only to be told that she will be in a coma for the rest of her life. Michael, her husband, insists that she will come out of it, but while waiting he gets seduced by Mona Mayfair, Rowan's genius 13 year old cousin (can I just say eww..?). But meanwhile, Lasher's been going around to all Mayfair woman and getting them pregnant, none of whom survive and neither do the child. He obviously doesn't know Emaleth is alive.

I loved this book, except for the whole sexual parts of it. I realized that none of Anne Rice's books can survive without sex, so maybe kids really shouldn't be reading these. In fact, no, kids shouldn't read these.

I love the way that all characters from the last book were in this, even though the books were written a couple years apart, Ms Rice makes it seem like it was yesterday, which in the book, it was. It's full of richly detailed characters, luscious prose and style, and an ending that will set the heart, not to mention pulse, sky high.

I've read this book, as well as the other Mayfair books, many many times. If you like Anne Rice, like witches and the occult, then you must possess these books. Although, if you do get turned off by sex or anything remotely like that, then steer clear from this series, because it's full of it.