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The Promise

Author: Donna Boyd
Published: October, 2000
Review by: Jaina Smith

The promise is an intoxicating tale of werewolves, detailing in specific of one, Matise Devoncroix and his mate Brianna.

Hanna Braselton North, a scientist hiding in the deep wildernesses of Alaska stumbles across the burning wreckage of a helicopter, and takes from it a briefcase containing a diary, and a badly injured wolf. As she reads the diary to her healing canine companion, she begins to wonder at the connections between it and him.

The diary tells the story of Matise and Brianna, and the havoc caused by their life. It dawns on Hannah, that the wolf is more than he seems - that he is perhaps a werewolf like Matise of the story.

Indeed he is. In fact, Nicholas is Matiseís brother, and leader of their pack. But Nicholas has a secret of his own; he is consumed with a great rage. And as he recovers from near death, his fury does as well. A fury that might well jeopardize all of humanity.

I quite enjoyed this book, the sequel to The Passion by the same author. No sooner had I finished it then I found my way back to the library to see if I could find the first book. I honestly hadnít expected The Promise to be so intriguing and certainly not worth my time to fully read; as other novels of similar subject have been. Completely impressed, I recommend this book to lovers not only of the obvious- those who enjoy horror stories, or the Goth; but also to fiction lovers of all sorts.