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The Tale of the Body Thief

Author: Anne Rice
Series: The Vampire Chronicles-Book 4
Published: 1992
Review by: CL4 Kaysa

Nothing against Anne Rice's style, that has not changed at all, and continues to amaze me. However, I must say that this was my least favorite thus far of the Chronicles. Despite Rice's hypnotic dialogue and emotional detail, It was a very predictable story from the start.

This time, Lestat makes a deal with a Body Theif, a human who can switch souls with another being, who also happens to be a very talented con-artist. Against the advice of his friends, Lestat agrees to temporarily switch bodies with the man, so that he can once again experience being a human.

Lestat, as a human, must deal with the new challenge of being cut off from his vampire powers. His vampire companions will have nothing to do with him. His only friends through this ordeal are Mojo, a faithful dog and David Talbot, the human from the Talamasca, introduced in Book 3. Further, he must re-learn everything he once knew as a human, centuries ago. Rice describes in detail how challenging it is for Lestat to learn all those simple dialy routines that we take for granted. Eating, using the bathroom, staying healthy, making love, and even walking all become a new challenge to master.

The detail is great, but the plot lacks any mystery whatsoever. You see everything coming, so the story really lacks any suspense or excitement. If the thought of Lestat's humanity intrests you, then by all means read it. However, if you are looking for the same excitement and intrigue Rice presented in earlier volumes, then skip it.