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The Vampire Diaries

Volumes 1-4

Author: L. J. Smith
Published: 1991-1999
Reading Level: Young Adult
Review by: CL7 Deanna

The first of 4 books is called The Awakening. It is the "beginning" of a 4 book saga in which a young girl named Elena, plays the role of the key character. Elena has lost much and yet has remained the most popular girl in school. She is seemingly never satisfied with what life has given her and is constantly seeking that next great thrill.

In walks Stefan, a mysterious dark handsome stranger. She can't resist him especially when he seemingly so easily doesn't acknowledge her presence. The thrill of the chase is on.

In walks Damon, Who is he? Dark, Mysterious, Evil, Good? Read the book and find out.

The first "Diary" is written from Elena's point of view and will hook you into wanting to know much much more about the trio that is somehow bound to each other through a weird twist of fate.

The second in the seris is The Struggle. The story continues with our now two brothers, and two vampires fighting over the same girl. Who will she choose, is Stefan her true love? Is Damon evil? This book introduces another evil one that could destroy them all.

The second "Diary" is written from Elena's point of view and will keep youreading on to discover what will happen next to our now loved (or hated)trio.

The third in the seris is The Fury - Woah! does L.J. Smith throw us some curves in this story! I found this to be one of the most pivotal stories of them all. Twists and turns through out. I can't say much without giving the plot away. But the story definately leaves the reader feeling that huge "OMG no they didn't" bang at the end!!

The third "Diary" is written from Elena's point of view again, with the ending being added on by one of her most trusted friends.

The fourth installment is Dark Reunion. At the end of The Fury, you really get the feeling that this story is over, and then WHAM! something totally out of left field happens in Dark Reunion. I really did enjoy this one. It tied up many loose ends. When I finished it, I was left wishing for yet another book. This seris is as addictive to Vampire Fans as any other good work.

For the reader looking for something full of deep meanings, and big words *L* this is not the series for you.

For a Vampire fan who just loves to read, give it a go. I really enjoyedspending my summer lounging by the pool delving into the world of Elena, Stefan, and Damon. I believe the books are a great, fun, innocent (yet not) read. Enjoy!