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Rating: Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon is a novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer
Published: 1998
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Review by: CL4 Dmitri

"Tell me your dreams" is a murder story, but not any murder mystery. Although completely fictional it is based upon true life events, truely inspiring court cases and medical records. Once you have completed the book the phenomenal ending will leave you in a state of utter suprise and shock that you will find it hard to believe that anything vaguely similar had ever actually occured.

The book tells the story of three seemingly different young woman, computer genius Ashley Patterson, party animal Toni Prescott and charmingly romantic Italian artist Alette Peters. All three woman work at the same hi-tech computer company in silicon valley yet all despise each other. However a set of brutal murders forces each and everyone of them together in a unbelievable way.

These woman are arrested for a set of horribly brutal murders which forces a phenomenal trial to take place in which only one of them is truely guilty and responsible. But imprisoning one means imprisoning them all. What is the court to do?

This is one of the most entertaining Sheldon novels I have read in a little while, yet it is somewhat typical of his style because he has yet again chosen to focus on main female characters. This book is a mixture of suspense and intrigue and unlike some Sheldon books is wonderfully written. In some of his novels I have complained of the main characters not having enough depth or being similar to those from his other books but this work of genius is completely unique and will leave you gasping for more Sidney Sheldon as soon as you have reached the final few pages and read one of the most amazing endings imaginable.

Title: Tell Me Your Dreams
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Review by: CL4 Dmitri