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Rating: Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood is a novel rated 3/5 by this reviewer
Published: August, 2001
Author: Julie Garwood
Review by: CL6 Cynara

Synopsis: FBI agent Nick Buchanan is about to take his first vacation in three years when he receives a phone call from his best friend and former college roommate, Father Tom Madden. Tom relates the horrifying tale of a confession that he heard from a killer seeking absolution for a gruesome crime he has yet to commit. Worse yet, the madman, who calls himself the Heartbreaker, confesses that his intended victim is Laurant Madden, Tom's younger sister. The Heartbreaker is crazy about Laurant-really, really crazy.

Review: This was Julie Garwood's first foray outside of historical romance. I wasn't a fan of those novels so I was reluctant to read this one.

To be honest, this book was predictable in terms of the romantic story. I'm not sure why, but it seems that authors follow a template with this sort of thing. Why not deviate a bit and make it more exciting?

The murder/mystery part to this story was great. I really didn't know who the bad guy was until the final few pages. Of course it could be the fact I never guess right in the mysteries as I like to be fully entertained and like the characters to do the solving.

There were some light momenys in this book to even out the seriousness of the murder/mystery (besides the romance). Nick's fear of flying and Laurant's crazy neighbours got a laugh out of me.

This was a good, easy book to read. It was highly enjoyable if a little predictable.

Title: Heartbreaker
Author: Julie Garwood
Review by: CL6 Cynara