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Ten Little Indians

Author: Agatha Christie
Published: July, 1984
Review by:Katana

I would like to start by saying this book has two different titles. So either one you read, it is the same thing.

The first time I read this book was when I was in school (many years ago. =P ). I have read it many more times after that. This has become my favorite book of all time.

This book is technically a murder who-done-it type of mystery book. I know it is not a very long book but it does keep the reader interested in trying to figure out who is the murderer.

(off the back of the book) Ten strangers are gathered together on an isolated island by a mysterious host. One by one, the guests share the darkest secrets of their wicked pasts. And one by one, they die...

Reading this book, you tend to feel like you are actually one of the ten who are in this house waiting to see what happens. Many surprises in the book will keep you guessing.

Christie makes a point of drawing people into her work just like in her Miss Marple stories and others. With the twists and turns of the book it hopefully will bound you to read until the end, which is interesting. She grips the reader in fear and a form of reality that mystery writers do to make the story more real.

So go ahead and turn the lights down in the rest of the house and sit in a quiet place to read this. You will be warped into a house with many things to jump out at you.

Over all rate, I would give this book a 4 and still keep reading this over and over again just for the suspense of it all.