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The Pelican Brief

Author: John Grisham
Published: January, 1993
Review by: CL2 Dmitri

John Grishamís book The Pelican Brief brings new definition to the term thriller for it can be described in one perfect word as thrilling. The book combines all aspects that make a first-rate book. Romance, action, drama and much, much more.

The story spans the globe as Grisham yet again writes a unique best selling yarn that is sure to blow you away in this fast paced legal page turner, that I personally guarantee you will be unable to leave alone once started.

You will follow the footsteps of law student Darby Shaw as she runs, fights and struggles for survival in the bustling metropolis of New Orleans and New York city after exposing a cover up that leads all the way to the oval office. Who is she to trust?

After the assassinations of two Supreme Court judges Shaw created a far fetched theory that pin points a billionaire with the President in his pocket. In a deadly attempt to reveal the truth and stay alive she puts her trust in a reporter. Does she live? Is justice served?

The plot contains everything that can be expected of the genius of the one and only John Grisham. There are shocks and surprises galore throughout the entire novel. If this is your first Grisham novel then it will leave you gagging for more Grisham.

Although typical of the Grisham genre which is one all itís own, The Pelican Brief will take you up, down and around on a roller coaster of emotion. Yet again Grisham has created a work of art.