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Red Dragon

Author: Thomas Harris
Published: May, 2000
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis: A serial killer has started murder families inside their houses by full moon. The FBI is unable to solve the case and ask Will Graham and group of other experts to help them catch the killer. Before they find a new family dead in their home.

Review: Will Graham and Jack Crawford sit in the garden of Will's house, looking at the sea. Jack tried to persuade Will to help him with and FBI case. Last time Will did that he got a large scar across his chest from Dr. Hannibal Lector. It was because of Will that they where able to catch Hannibal the Cannibal. Will is able to see things, to feel things, to get to know how killers act and think. To the FBI it is a precious gift. To Will it is a curse. He already has been admitted to a psychiatric ward after the Lector's case. He has a good life now and wants to keep it that way.

Will talks about it with his wife Molly. She doesn't like it but he decides to go with Jack to grab the man. The first family which fell victim were the Jacobi family. They had just moved after a fire. Their home was already emptied out and repainted. There was nothing left for Will to get to know the Jacobi family. This was not the case with the Leed family. Will went to their home, after reading the report. He entered their home where the murderer had entered. Turning on the lights which the murderer had turned on, he knew where the bodies where found. The three children all in their own bedrooms in bed, Mr. Leeds tied up to the headboard of his bed and besides him Mrs. Leeds. Will tried to understand it all. Why kill the family and leave afterwards. There was nothing stolen.

Had a member of the family heard something? Then there where the bite marks on Mrs. Leeds she had been touched by the murderer who by now was called the 'Tooth Fairy'. He went through the house again and found some bloodstains on the wall and carpet which shouldn't have been there due to the police report. He compared them and pictures started to fall in place in his mind.

Francis Dolarhyde was a production supervisor at a place where they developed home made movies. He had just taken home a few new films which he had wanted to see. The holidays always where busy times at the plant. He set up his screen and camera in the living room and started the movie. He had plenty of time before the new moon. Before he had to choose a new family. He had seen the Taddler and didn't like what that reporter Lounds wrote about the 'tooth fairy'. He had to make Lounds understand that. He should ask advice about him from Dr. Lector. Such a great man...

A good book. I expected a larger role in it for our good friend Hannibal after reading the book Hannibal. I was a little disappointed when I came in the middle of the book. The story became slow, and it seemed to go now where anymore. But the rest of the book is good. Nice details about the investigation, how Will tries to solve the case with every clue he finds. And how he tries to live knowing that he is a possible target, as is his family. And then you got the murders. Talk about detail there. Enough detail to keep you reading and wonder what strange people walk outside your little world. We even get a glimpse about what made the Dragon kill. A good addition of the book if you ask me. There is only one question to wonder about. Did you lock the doors and windows before you start reading the book...did you?