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The Testament

Rating: The Testament by John Grisham is a novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer
Published: December, 1999
Author: John Grisham
Review by: CL4 Dmitri

The Testament is yet another legal thriller from the likes of John Grisham. Yet again with The Testament Grisham lives up to his infallible reputation as the master of the modern legal fast paced page turner.

This book takes us into the world of Troy Phelan, an American self made billionaire who has done everything and seen everything and is now bored with the dreariness of life. There is nothing left for him to do, and his last wish is to just die. After making his final will and testament, the sickly Troy Phelan leaps to his death and cheats all but one of his greedy children out of their stately inheritance.

Hot shot litigator and alcoholic Nate O'Riley is sent on a hunt to find Rachel Lane, the illegitamite child of Troy Phelan and now one of the richest woman in America. The hunt for this woman takes Nate and his Brazilian companion Jevy into the very depths of the Brazilian rain forest where Lane is working as a missionary.

Suffice to say, the book is a typical Grisham novel with the expected twists and turns thrown in at every possible encounter. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and even though it may not be a masterpiece in comparison to the likes of Dickens it is well worth reading.

All in all, the book can be summarised in the simple words, "Good Fun!"

Title: The Testament
Author: John Grisham
Review by: CL4 Dmitri