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Rating: Avatar by S.D. Perry, A Star Trek novel has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Deep Space 9
Author: S.D. Perry
Published: May/June, 2002
Review by: CL4 Skull Leader

Three months after the events of "What You Leave Behind":

The discovery of a previously unknown, startlingly accurate, and highly heretical (at least in the eyes of the Vedek Assembly) book of prophecy in the ruins of B'hala sends Jake Sisko on a seemingly impossible quest, and prompts the Assembly to seek its supression before it gets into the hands of the faithful, by whatever means necessary.

An devastating attack on DS9 by Jem'Hadar fighters brings renewed fears that the war may not have ended after all.

The Enterprise makes a startling discovery of its own in the Badlands, one that will have tremendous repercussions for Bajor.

These three events, and what follows, will, for good or ill, bring about a time of change for Bajor and DS9.

This two-book relaunch of the novel series reintroduces us to our old friends, introduces us to some potential new friends, leaves just enough questions unanswered and points unresolved. It's more than a novel...it feels more like a multi-part season premiere, almost like the story didn't end after seven years; it just went in a new and potentially intriguing direction.

Our old friends are true to what we have seen onscreen, and the new characters introduced-as well as an old familiar face in a new and challenging situation-look to be well worth geting to know. In particular, Vaughn looks to be quite the study...there's much more to him than what we see in the surface.

Though not spectacular, the books are quite solid, and offer some interesting twists and turns along the way. It makes a good revival of what some fans have considered Trek's "middle child", and bodes well for the future of the novels as a whole.

Hello old friends...it's been a while.


Title: Avatar
Author: S.D. Perry
Review by: CL4 Skull Leader