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Mission Gamma

Book One - Twilight

Rating: Mission Gamma by David R. George III, A Star Trek novel has been rated 4/5 by this 
Series: Deep Space 9 Mission Gamma
Author: David R. George III
Published: September, 2002
Review by: Pherettgurrl

When you read a book, and it lingers in your mind for days after you've read it you know you’ve got a winner. And that’s exactly what you get when you delve into Mission Gamma Book One: Twilight: a novel so meticulously plotted and excellently crafted that the pleasure of reading it envelopes you long after you finish the final sentence.

The first in a series of four, Twilight author David R. George III has set the bar mighty high for the authors of the other three novels in this series. At over 500 pages (and over 200,000 words) Twilight is extraordinarily rich in descriptive narrative and character development as the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Deep Space Nine continues.

I feel very strongly that this is a novel that should not be ‘spoiled’. So to heck with what’s expected there will be no plot summary. Twilight grabs you right from the opening sentence and as the story unfolds, layer by layer, and the plot threads begin to weave their magic, a tapestry begins to slowly take shape. A tapestry populated by a diverse group of characters so well drawn that is as if you are watching the events unfold before your eyes. Those events would not evoke the same emotional response if you know what to expect.

Twilight will induce a wide range of emotional responses from the reader. Excitement, compassion, horror, delight and surprise to name just a few. It will also expand the reader’s insight into the characters as the events are utilized to explore the characters thoughts and motivations.

Filled with political intrigue, adventure and exemplary characterization Twilight is a novel to savor and enjoy again and again. So lock the door, turn off the phone and lose yourself in the beginning of a saga that is sure to enchant and enthrall anyone who appreciates a truly exceptional book.

Title: Mission Gamma
Author: David R. George III
Review by: Pherettgurrl