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Station Rage

Rating: Station Rage by Diane Carey, A Star Trek novel has been rated */5 by this 
Series: Deep Space 9 #13
Author: Diane Carey
Review by: CL5 Leeta

This story is set in one of the earlier seasons of DS9 when the real enemies were still the Cardassians. But, these are not our regular Cardassians, but some rather ancient ones, who have been asleep for thousands of years. Suddenly Sisko and the crew find themselves facing a formidable enemy.

The story starts when Odo and O'Brien discover a hidden tomb in the depths of DS9, which holds several Cardassian bodies. At first, Sisko thinks his only problem will be a political dispute with the Cardassian government over the find. Buthe discovers that he has even more on his plate when the bodies come to life. They were not dead, but in stasis! The ancient Cardassians are more warrior-like than their up-to-date counterparts. And when the High Gul, along with his eleven faithful soldiers decided they will retake DS9, Sisko finds he has quite a fight on his hands.

On Cardassia, the news of the discovery of the old tomb starts to raise some concerns in certain quarters. Some of the Cardassian government officials are not too pleased at the thought of an ancient hero coming back on the scene and upsetting everything.

The writer gives the reader the unique viewpoint of the actual Ancient Cardassians, especially the High Gul, who, at one time, was the leader of the whole Cardassian nation and a great warrior. He now finds himself in a time he does not belong to, and he has to come to terms with how his people have turned out, and the fact that he was betrayed. During his plan to retake the station, he learns about Sisko and the Federation and finds them a worthy enemy. In fact, during the ensuing struggle between the Gul and Sisko, the two men realize a mutual respect for each other.

If you are a Cardassian fan, you will like this book. It gives you some background information on the old Cardassia and lets you into the minds of those from the past, and the present. Plenty of action as well, as the High Gul and Benjamin Sisko battle over who will control Deep Space 9. I gave this book 4 out of 5 pips.

Title: Station Rage
Author: Diane Carey
Review by: CL5 Leeta