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Rating: Valhalla by Nathan Archer, A Star Trek novel has been rated 3/5 by this 
Series: Deep Space 9
Author: Nathan Archer
Published: 1995
Review by: CL5 Leeta

Once more a book set in the early days of Deep Space 9, where the main baddies are the Cardassians, who are out to retake Bajor. Ben Sisko finds things getting more complicated by the arrival of a mysterious ship that arrives through the wormhole with all it's crewmembers dead.

This book has shades of the very first Star Trek movie, in that a machine suddenly finds itself alive and aware of its' existence. But instead of searching for the Creator as V'ger did in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", it is in search of heaven, having assimilated information and beliefs from the crew. It has the same childlike qualities as it searches for the answers it thinks it needs. And, it attaches itself to the DS9 computer systems, playing havoc with the station in its quest.

It's an old story that has been done many times, so for original plot, there wasn't much to go on. The Cardassian/Bajor storyline also felt outdated, especially if you are well along in the fourth ot fifth season of DS9. You tend not to care about the Cardassian threat to Bajor anymore. The characters have moved along so much in the TV series, you can't really relate them to the book. I only actually got down to reading this book the whole way through when I was totally bored and I give it 3 pips.

Title: Valhalla
Author: Nathan Archer
Review by: CL5 Leeta