Diplomatic Implausibility by Keith R.A. DeCandido is a Star Trek The Next Generation novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Diplomatic Implausibility

Rating: Diplomatic Implausibility by Keith R.A. DeCandido, A Star Trek novel has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: The Next Generation #61
Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Published: February, 2001
Review by: CL7 KittyKat

Set after the Dominion War, Diplomatic Implausibility is definitely a novel for the Klingon fans. Set largely aboard the I.K.S Gorkon, the Klingon Empires newest and most advanced ship and introduces the main characters from what turns into a spin off series - I.K.S Gorkon, it is also Book 61 in the TNG series.

Worf is heading off on his first Ambassadorial mission for the Federation. The ice world of taD has been under Klingon rule for 200 years but the indigenous bear like race the al'Hmatti are not happy about it. Four years ago at the beginning of the Dominion War, while the Empire was over stretched rebels managed to briefly take back their planet and appealed to the Federation for recognition and assistance before they were quickly subdued by the Klingons. The war has now ended and the Federation can no longer ignore the al'Hmatti''s repeated requests and with the Klingons unwilling to give up the mineral rich planet a diplomatic solution must be found.

Can Ambassador Worf, who is more comfortable fighting than negotiating, and still mourning for Jadzia manage to find a resolution between the two stubborn races? The Klingons cannot allow the al'Hmatti their freedom or it will give other conquered (jephpu'wl') planets encouragement but the al'Hmatti won't except anything but the complete withdrawal of the Klingons and will risk death to achieve it.

What's different about this novel is that, except for a short spell on the Enterprise, is that it's from a Klingon perspective. For someone like myself who hasn't really taken much of an interest into Klingon culture it was incredibly interesting. You see how Klingons interact with each other, how they approach battles, is all on Klingon terms. When a Starfleet vessel has crippled an attacker they will leave it at that, the Klingons, however, will destroy them and when they do they have a sing song.

Intelligence, engineering, ability and imitative are prized in a Starfleet officer but scorned by the Klingons. The writer, Keith DeCandido clearly knows and likes his Star Trek, there's plenty of continuity to tickle any fan, many of the Klingon's introduced have actually been met already Klag (TNG: A matter of Honor), Toq (TNG: Birthright), Kurak (TNG: Suspicions) and also Worf's brother now called Rodek (DS9: Sons of Mogh). I especially enjoy the Klingon Glossary at the end where we are told "Most of the language actually being spoken in this novel is the Klingon tongue, and has been translated into English for the reader's ease."

I really recommend this novel I found it enjoyable The characters were entertaining and the story well written. Definitely worth the read.

Title: Diplomatic Implausibility
Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Review by: CL7 KittyKat