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Tunnel Through the Stars

Rating: Tunnel Through the Stars by John Vornholt, A Star Trek novel has been rated 5/5 by this 
Series: The Dominion War, Book 3
Author: John Vornholt
Published: 1998
Review by: CL4 Carter

This book kicks of right where the first book of the series left off. Although this is the third book of the series it is the second part of the story begun in Book One. Books One and Three are linked and so are Books Two and Four.

Having rescued Sam Lavelle and his fellow former prisoners, Captain Picard is determined to continue with the mission to destroy the Dominions artificial wormhole. However, both the replicators aboard the "Orb of Peace" are offline. Coincidence? Picard doesn’t think so. In need of food, they set a course for the Badlands to try and find a ships graveyard where they may be able to pick up some spare parts and supplies.

When they get there, they find something entirely unexpected. When they venture aboard one of the wrecks they discover that the wrecks are in some kind of temporal phase. Life signs and other readings appear on their tricorders - then disappear just as quick. There is another functional ship among the wreckage, scavengers like themselves. It's captain offers to provide them with a new replicator if Picard’s crew assists his own in searching the wrecks for valuables.

During their search, Geordi LaForge uncovers a particularly valuable relic. When the alien captain tries to remove it, the wrecked ships come alive. The crew of the Orb of Peace barely escape with their lives.

The mission is back on track, they have a new replicator and they are back in open space heading for the artificial wormhole. However, a member of the crew has been killed without a mark being left on their body. As the acts of sabotage continue, Picard now has two missions: he must get to the wormhole and somehow destroy it using an aging Bajoran transport and some homemade explosives. Secondly, he must locate the saboteur before they can kill again and jeopardise the mission.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. As fast paced and exciting as ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, this book once again offered a unique perspective on the Dominion conflict. I gave this book 5 out of 5.

Title: Tunnel Through the Stars
Author: John Vornholt
Review by: CL4 Carter