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Fortunes Light

Rating: Fortunes Light by Michael Jan Friedman, A Star Trek novel has been rated 3/5 by this 
Series: The Next Generation #15
Published: 1991
Author: Michael Jan Friedman
Review by: CL5 Leeta

This story concentrates on Will Riker and the search for a missing friend and a jewel that could start a war on the planet Dante Maxima Seven, or Imprima as it is known to the locals.

This story is steeped in the planets' politics and can be a bit confusing and hard to get into.

The jewel "Fortunes Light" goes missing and it appears that an old friend of Wills, Teller Conlon, is being blamed. Riker, learning this, starts reminiscing about his friend and their time together. He starts feeling guilty that he has lost touch with Teller. This gives him reason, and the determination to go to the planet to prove his friends' innocence.

He finds himself teaming up with a special female agent on the planet. Lyneea is NOT keen on having Riker join her investigation, and lets him know it. Although the two of them don't get along in the beginning, they know they have to depend on each other if they want to find out the truth. As the investigation moves along, Riker begins to realise that perhaps his friend is not so innocent after all.

In between this, back on the Enterprise, Data is tackling a game of baseball in the holodeck. If you like baseball you might find this entertaining, but as I know very little about the game and have no interest in sports, I ended up skipping over most of these bits. But Riker's dilemma is enough to keep you going, to want to find out what exactly happens in the end. If you can understand the different political factions and the complex plot, you could enjoy this book.

Title: Fortunes Light
Author: Michael Jan Friedman
Review by: CL5 Leeta