The Soldiers of Fear by Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine K. Rusch is a Star Trek The Next Generation novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Soldiers of Fear

Invasion - Book II

Rating: The Soldiers of Fear by Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine K. Rusch, A Star Trek novel has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: The Next Generation #41
Author: Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine K. Rusch
Published: June, 1996
Review by: CL4 Fonz

Soldiers of Fear is the second book in the four part Invasion series starting with Captain Kirk (of course) and ending with Janeway in the Delta Quadrant.

In this book the multitude of races known as the 'Furies' have returned using their wormhole to get to the Alpha Quadrant. This time there are five ships instead of one, the Furies are saying 'Get out of the Alpha Quadrant or become slaves' and they will not take 'No' as an answer. They wish to 'Return to Heaven in glory' and the only way the Furies can do that is to enslave the entire Alpha Quadrant in fear.

The Furies are coming and the Enterprise is on the scene as the closest ship to the Furies Listening Post, when they get a call from Starfleet saying that the Furies Point has been breached. This is where they came through last time. Captain Kirk just barely beat back the gates to hell last time - can Picard repeat it?

The Federation sends two Starships and the Klingons send another two. The Vulcans send a Starship, but it never makes an appearance. The Idaho and the Madison back Picard up, but it falls to Riker, Worf, and Sam Redbay as they are asked to go out in shuttles to help destroy the device holding open the wormhole the Furie ships are coming though. Picard knows he is sending them on a suicide mission (duh) but they go anyway (another duh). I wont tell you who actually makes the supreme sacrifice, but anyone with the I.Q. of a half a glass of water could figure this one out.

There are three shuttles, three pilots, Riker, Redbay and Worf. Can you pick the odd one out? (yet another duh).

The Furies have a new weapon with them this time, a fear projector, bringing the worst imaginings of the crew to life, and they must conquor their deepest fears from hell to save the entire Alpha Quadrant from Hell, literally.

Title: The Soldiers of Fear
Author: Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine K. Rusch
Review by: CL4 Fonz