IQ by John De Lancie and Peter David is a Star Trek The Next Generation novel showcased 
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I, Q

Rating: IQ by John De Lancie and Peter David, A Star Trek novel has been rated 3/5 by this 
Series: The Next Generation
Author: John De Lancie and Peter David
Review by: Toddy

If you ever wanted to see the universe as Q sees it, here is an excellent opportunity to share his mind (though I wouldn't advise it on a regular basis =).

In I,Q John De Lancie teams up with Peter David to create for Q a wild adventure seen--as it can only be seen--through Q's eyes and narrated-as it could only be narrated--by Q.

Here's the basics: Q and his family are on a harmless (well, according to Q anyways) fishing adventure, when suddenly a big whirlpool forms and sucks his wife and child deep into it's abyss. Q is at a loss at what to do when he spots Picard and Data about to follow his family's fate. He plucks them to safety, only to start on great adventure where not even he can predict its outcome.

Continuum against Continuum and faith against reason, each level of questions ripping the galaxy apart and sending it hurtling towards non-existence. Q, Picard and Data struggle to untangle this web of confusion before coming to The End. Humanity and Omniscience meet in this struggle to fight against the inevitable and learn that just maybe they need one another.

Good points: Well, it has Q. What else do you need? *l* The book had me
chuckling out loud many times, much to the amusement of my co-workers.

Bad points: A bit of "god" bashing (a bit excessive to get at a point?). And of course, Q can get quite annoying at times. But that's the point, right? =)

Title: IQ
Author: John De Lancie and Peter David
Review by: Toddy