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Rating: Q-in-Law by Peter David, A Star Trek novel has been rated 5/5 by this 
Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation #18
Author: Peter David
Review by: CL5 Leeta

This is a not-to-be-taken-seriously book that brings the entity Q into close proximity of Troi's man-eating mother Lwaxana, and take sthe reader on a ride throught the subsequent chaos that follows for all the members of the Enterprise crew.

The story starts out uncomplicated enough when a son and daughter from rival families of the Tizarin race fall in love and decide to get married. The Enterprise is to play host to the pre-wedding celebrations, and seeit as a way of helping out down the old rivalries and make a fresh start.

Then, just when they are starting to relax and enjoy the celebrations, Deanna Troi's mother comes along as Ambassador to the planet Betazed, and as a wedding guest. Of course she starts in by upsetting her daughter by announcing that she is in mourning. Picard feels that he has his hands full dealing with Mrs. Troi when another unexpected guest arrives on the scene to make things worse. Q charms his way around the wedding party (much to Picard's fury), so they invite him to stay. Deanna feels her problems with her mother get worse as Lwaxana takes an interest in Q and vice versa.

This is a really funny book that will have you giggling and smiling from the second chapter till near the end. True, the writer does tend to make the Enterprise crew seem ridiculous at times, butI found it fun and light-hearted, as well as entertaining as Picard tries helplessly to stop Q meddling in others affairs without any success. But the joy of the book is when the enraged Mrs. Troi, who Q tries to make look a fool, gets her revenge on him, and he gets his comuppance once more in the most satisfying abd entertaining manner. If you like a good laugh, read this book - I give it 5 pips!

Title: Q-in-Law
Author: Peter David
Review by: CL5 Leeta