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Rating: Reunion by Michael Jan Friedman, A Star Trek novel has been rated 4/5 by this 
Series: The Next Generation
Author: Michael Jan Friedman
Review by: CL5 Leeta

Synopsis: This story takes us into the background of Capt. Jean Luc Picard's time on his previous ship, The Stargazer, and the crew that served with him, including Jack Crusher, Beverly's husband. This is alos a very good whodunit.

Review: The storu opens with Captain Picard having a dream about his being on his old shippp. The reason he is having this dream, it seems, is that the Enterprise is about to escort one of his ex-crewmembers back to his homeworld wher ehe will become the new ruler. Morgen, a Daa'Vit, requests that his old friends from the Stargazer attend the ceremony. Included inthe invitation list is Idun Asmund, whose twin sister Gerda, made an assassination attempt on Morgens life in th epast. They were raised as Klingons, who were mortal enemies of the Daa'Vit.

This situation lays interesting background for Worf when Morgan boards the Enterprise. The two have to fight their instincts and overcome old prejudices from their home worlds, and respect each other as Starfleet officers. They are making a good attempt at this when an attempt is maade on Morgan's life. This is when CaptainPicard realises that the past may have come back to haunt them. And all the old crewmembers of the Stargazer are suspect.

The story also deals with Beverly, Wesley and Captain Picard coming to terms with the death of Jack Crusher. It goes into the details of how Jack died on the Stargazer. Not only do they have all that to deal with, the Enterprise gets caught in a slipstream that sends it over Warp point 9 into the unknown. Trying to get out of this, which they eventually do, they find themselves in Romulan space.

With another two assassination attempt that leaves members of the Stargazer crew in sickbay, tiem is running out for Picard and the Enterprise crew. They have ot find the killer and get back on course to the planet Daa'v for Morgan's coronation ceremony.

The writer gives us good background information on Picard and it is interesting to have the Enterprise and Stargazer crews mixing. As the book is called "Reunion", it certnaly is that with a nice twist that will have you guessing till the end.

I give this book 4 out of 5 pips.

Title: Reunion
Author: Michael Jan Friedman
Review by: CL5 Leeta