Ashes of Eden by William Shatner is a Star Trek novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Ashes of Eden

Rating: Ashes of Eden by William Shatner is a Star Trek novel rated */5 by this reviewer
Series: The Original Series
Author: William Shatner
Review by: Lt. Gary Seven

Ahh, yes, as if anyone can get enough of the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk. In this new series, authored by the almights toupeed one himslef, sets the scene for a sextuplet of books. The time: just prior to Star Trek: Generations.

Our Captain Kirk is reaching a crossroads in his career. He no longer has the Enterprise, and spends his days chairing committes, giving lectures, and bemoaning existance as he knows it. However, one night at a little party thrown for the entire known universe, on behalf of the United Federation of Planets, Kirk spots a lovely young woman, only to be intercepted by an old "friend" of his from his academy days. Much to his dismay, Kirk learns that his "friend" is now Commander in Chief of Starfleet. And his plans include the demolition of the Enterprise in a series of wargames.

From there, the story grows as a romance and a mid-life crisis propel Kirk into a whole new adventure. How does Kirk deal with the prospect of recapturing his youth? What price would a starship captain pay to feel useful again?

Overall, I really enjoyed the book, and the plot seemed to be quite plausable. The format is different from your normal Trek book, giving it the character of a good novel, not just the Star Trek name. I personally loved the exploration of how the Original Series characters handle growing older, and matching the actors' relationships. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about Kirk prior to Generations.

Title: Ashes of Eden
Author: William Shatner
Review by: Lt. Gary Seven