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Get a Life!

Rating: Get a Life! by William Shatner is a Star Trek novel rated */5 by this reviewer
Series: The Original Series
Author: William Shatner
Review by: Lt. Robert Griffith

Most 'Star Trek' reviews begin with, "Back in 1966..." but this one doesn't. This review, rather, starts with something entirely different. This review starts a few years after that, in 1986, when our Captain, William Shatner, hosted 'Saturday Night Live' on NBC. In the opening sketch he gave an endearing, and rather heartfelt speech to the fans of his greatest work. "GET A LIFE YOU PEOPLE" was what he said.

Those words haunted him for a long time after that. Many fans of 'Star Trek' hated him for it. People thought that he had an ego and a tepid resentment for those of us that supported, admired, and loved him. While we may laugh now, back then, a lot of people were horribly offended.

This book, so-called "Get A Life!" after his near-fatal flub on SNL, is brilliant. It begins with Shatner, on a plane flying over the midwest, recanting his almost jovial hatred of flight. In a crushing blow to all egos, to all fans, he says placidly that he is 'not' Starship Captain material.

Not many people think of William Shatner as a comedian. Sure, anyone can tell a joke, but this guy is truly hilarious. His point-on-point description of events, sometimes melo"trau"matic, make it seem as though his life has been nothing but a big barrel of laughter. For chapters on end he wittingly pokes fun at his pal, who we call Leonard Nimoy, by throwing screaming fans at him, dragging him to conventions, pulling pranks on him, and whatever mischevious, devilish, childish prank you can think of.

There is, though, a serious side to our Captain. In "The Pieces" he conducts an interview with a young woman and her psychiatrist. She has a condition that causes multiple personalities to appear in her mind, disabling her from many daily activities. Bill, as we've come to know him, speaks softly to her, afraid to harm her in any way for how fragile her mind is. Throughout the interview she describes what 'Star Trek' means to her, and how it has brought her such happiness and the smallest amount of stability to an all-too confused existance.

With glittering generalities of his take on life, William Shatner provides us with unique insight into what it is really like to be Captain Kirk. Included in his book are interviews with such people as Bjo Trimble, the woman who helped save 'Star Trek' after its initial cancellation in 1967, Leonard Nimoy, friend of Bill, and known to us as Mister Spock, Terry Farrell, Bob Justman, Dan Madsen, Jeri Ryan, and a few dozen more.

Pay close attention, though, because you might find that reading this book could get you staying up late at night. I had a very hard time putting it down!

Title: Get a Life!
Author: William Shatner
Review by: Lt. Robert Griffith