The Return by William Shatner is a Star Trek novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Return

Rating: The Return by William Shatner is a Star Trek novel rated */5 by this reviewer
Series: The Original Series & The Next Generation
Author: William Shatner
Review by: Lt. Gary Seven

"The Return" picks up where Star Trek: Generations left off. Kirk did indeed die on that mountainside, at the hand of Dr. Tolian Soran. However, the universe is not yet done with James Tiberius Kirk.

While the saucer section of the Enterprise-D is being salvaged, Spock comes to visit the planet, to see his old friend one last time. But, as he overlooks the grave, a familiar harmonic buzz fills the air, and the rocks fall in: obvuiously rhe plot just beamed away. To quote Spock, "There are always possibilities..."

In reality, an alliance between the Romulan Empire and the Borg hatch a plan to join forces and assimilate the known galaxy. In return, the Romulans are kept alive in an extended experiment. Right. Anywho, Kirk gets brought back fromthe dead, and through a set of unlikely circumstances, the whole crew meets up again.

The interesting subplot to all this is Picard. He is part of an elite Star Fleet Nazi super-force whose only job is to fly around in wicked Defiant-class warships and let the Borg know who is Boss.

This book is rather silly in terms of what happens. Credibility is non-existent and what we know to be true about the Borg is not what Mr. Shatner knows to be true about the Borg. The book is mediocre at best, but it bridges the gap between "Generations", and the next book "Ashes of Eden."

I personally enjoyed it, because it has a basic suspenseful adventure to it, and a few cool parts. However, it is a means to na end. That end being a plausible connection between the books. This does that - barely. Just suck it up, read the book, and start on "Ashes of Eden" as soon as possible.

Title: The Return
Author: William Shatner
Review by: Lt. Gary Seven