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To The Stars

Rating: To The Stars by George Takei is a Star Trek novel rated */5 by this reviewer
Series: The Original Series
Author: George Takei
Review by: Capt. Tail Kinker

Two words of warning:
One, if you're a William Shatner fan, don't read this book.
Two, if you want to read exclusively about Star Trek, don't pick it up either.
However, if you want to read the life story of an Asian-American in the US - beginning with the journey to the Rohwer Relocation Center, Arkansas, and ending with Gene Roddenberry's death in 1991 - an Asian-American who just happens to be an actor in Star Trek apart from being a stage actor, civil rights activist, and politician - then this is the book for you. Cleverly enough, Takei begins his autobiography with a Star Trek-story. He does know who his readers are, as the picture on the book cover ascertains. We learn a lot about George Takei, the man, his life, his parents, and his political views and opinions of the US government as a system (to the point of seeming excessive, at least to a European reader). He tells us how it was to grow up in a relocation center during WWII, about his education, his decision to become an actor instead of an architect, about his political career and the difficulties he faced by being an actor-politician. We also get treated to interesting glimpses into the world behind the scenes of Star Trek - Takei's first encounter with former rival, later friend Walter Koenig, James Doohan's introduction to Sushi, and Takei's chance meeting with Patrick Steward among them. Takei sets the record straight on some long-cherished Trek myths, such as the fencing incident during the filming of the Classic episode "The Naked Now" or Leonard Nimoy's battle for Spock's death. We also get to know Bill Shatner from the viewpoint of a colleague, and this view is not always favourable.

On the whole, this book, as most autobiographies, makes for a fascinating reading. We are allowed a look into the mind of another person, a person who's face we see on our TV screen and whom we may think we know. Takei takes us through the ups and downs of his life and shares both happy and painful experiences with complete, compelling honesty.

Rating: Four pips (would have gotten five but for the political ponderings)

Title: To The Stars
Author: George Takei
Review by: Capt. Tail Kinker