The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers by James R. Flowers, Jr. is a Star Trek novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers

Rating: The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers by AUTHOR is a Star Trek novel rated */5 by this reviewer
Series: The Original Series
Author: James R. Flowers, Jr.
Review by: Lt. Robert Alexander Griffith

In this new age of Internet this and Internet that we Trekkers are running into an ever-increasing list of choices in where we spend our free time. Most of you that read this review are devout members of Ten Forward, Outpost 10F's Starfleet Chat, and many of you are also hard-core fans that boldly seek out new fan sites and bigger pictures of William Shatner to print out and post on your wall...err...never mind that.

In short, you are people that like to just go browse through the Internet from time to time, looking for Star Trek pages for any number of reasons. Every so often you will find one that catches your eye and has a good dose of information that really boosts your day. Sometimes these web pages are simple Geocities creations that are only 5 pages, but contain a wealth of information. Even more of these pages are now becoming equipped with high-detail graphics that send you on a wild trek through space as a strange starship configuration you've never seen before warps through the stars on its way to battle some evil thing or another. Maybe, though, you like to read the various fan fiction creations out there that deal with some of the other adventures of Kirk and Spock. Or perhaps, you would like to order some Neelix oven mitts to get your day started.

Recently I purchased a truly incredible book, appropriately titled, 'The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers'. At first I was skeptical; thinking that the last time I did a Yahoo search for Star Trek I came up with some six hundred bazillion matches, some of which were a little less tasteful. So I grabbed this book, roughly 300 pages long and started thumbing through it. At about this time I just had to laugh pretty loud because I started finding these really outlandish sites. I found sites dedicated to Tribbles, and some sites dedicated to Anti-Star Trek enthusiasts; sites that pondered the meaning of Star Trek's fandom, and sites examining how sexy Jeri Ryan is in a parka. Ok, maybe I was exaggerating a bit there.

As I continued looking through the book I went back to the beginning to the Table Of Contents where I saw just how big the scope of Star Trek reaches. There are entire chapters devoted to Foreign Star Trek Sites from Italy, and entire chapters to cover Online Galleries and Media Sites. In a chapter devoted to the original 'Star Trek' there are subheadings for William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and all your other favorite cast members.

Search engines can bring up a lot of stuff, and they're great for finding specific items, but if you would like to see Star Trek sites without having to waste your time in a search engine, go out and buy James R. Flowers' book, 'The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers'.

Title: The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers
Author: James R. Flowers, Jr.
Review by: Lt. Robert Alexander Griffith