Uhura's Song by Janet Kagen is a Star Trek novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Uhura's Song

Rating: Uhura's Song by Janet Kagen is a Star Trek novel rated */5 by this reviewer
Series: The Original Series #21
Author: Janet Kagen
Review by: Capt. Tail Kinker

The peaceful planet Sivao, populated by felinoids - catlike beings who walk on their hind legs, are about two meters tall and have a very rich culture - is struck by a plague, the Long Death, which threatens to kill off all of the Sivaoans. The Enterprise is sent to assist the local doctors in their search for a cure, only to find that the disease can be transmitted to humans. Now the whole Federation is threatened by the Long Death.

Meanwhile, Uhura searches for her friend, Sivaoan diplomat and dancer Sunfall of Ennien, whom she shared songs with while posted on Sivao. Those shared songs - old myths as well as children's songs - seem to suggest that Sivao is not the planet of origin for the felinoids. Certain that the long-lost planet Eeiauo holds a cure to the Long Death, Kirk and the Enterprise rush off on a wild-goose chase, leaving Dr McCoy and Nurse Chapel to fight the desease on Sivao and maybe find a cure. The Chief Medical Officer for this mission is Dr Evan Wilson, a small woman with considerable wit and intellect.

After much searching, Eeiauo is found, and here's where the real adventure begins. The landing party, consisting of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Checkov and Wilson, has not only to make contact with the Eeiauoans, but also convince them to acknowledge their distant cousins and provide a cure - for a disease that may be extinct here. Matters quickly get more and more difficult when the landing party finds many cultural barriers to overcome. But they find assistants in Brightspot and Jinx, two local teenagers, who answer a lot of "baby questions" for the Enterprise people and help them with customs unknown to the humans.

I don't want to tell more about the plot, since there are some nice twists and surprises in it. However, let me tell you that the plot itself is pure adventure, no fancy space battles here I'm afraid, but some fights, and the suspense in it will make you bite your nails.

The characterization of the regular cast is well done, especially Uhura and Checkov, who get to do a lot in this adventure. The Eeiauoans are a very believable people, up to and including their use of a prehensile tail, whisker and ear movements, and fighting styles. Anyone who's ever lived with a cat will recognize the mannerisms and facial expressions of the Eeiauoans. And the character of Dr. Evan Wilson is one of the most original creations ever in any of the Trek books I've read. She's a real treat, as is the whole book. Read it, and find out what exactly a Tail-Kinker is.

Title: Uhura's Song
Author: Janet Kagen
Review by: Capt. Tail Kinker