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Enterprise: Broken Bow

Series: Enterprise
Author: Diane Carey
Published: June, 2003
Review by: CL4 Quincy (Gamma Geek)

Synopsis: Dateline April 2151. The SS Enterprise, NX-01. Earth's first Warp 5 Starship nears completion. Jonathan Archer must lead his crew to deliver a Klingon back to his homeworld. But the Klingon is kidnapped by the mysterious uliban..... And who knows what the new Vulcan Science Officer is up to?

Note: Book is reviewed from Paperback version, with the Behind the Scenes section included

Review: Enterprise episodes have received a mixed review, mostly because it ruined the remainder of the Trek universe as we know it, reinventing the timeline. Regardless, I personally have found Enterprise rather enjoyable, the action nice and the plot fairly solid. Indeed, "Broken Bow" was a good effort and a lot of future storyline is established in it.

But while the TV episode was good, the novelisation is nearly horrible. Diane Carey, out of all the Trek authors has been a very naval/high seas person. But this novelisation, apart from being a near blow by blow account of the episode makes mockery of it. Archer's personal thoughts are just too lame, as are the descriptions of the action. Sometimes, Archer's actions, thoughts and "personal demon battles" makes him comical and slows it down.

Though the spirit of the episode is captured well, reading the script from which the episode was shot would probably be better. The side comments and thoughts of the characters makes it seem far more appropriate for a children's story, not a "high class" product we call Star Trek.

Though the novelisation itself is a poor effort, the special Behind the Scenes section provides a lot of background, facts and the like. The evolution of the Enterprise, the show and the design process is catalogued and is very rich and rewarding after the turgid novelisation.

Therefore, the rating, 2 out of 5, is awarded solely for the Behind the Scenes section.