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Series: Voyager
Author: Jeri Taylor
Review by: Lt. JG B'Elanna Torres

Mosaic is the previously untold story of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Jeri Taylor, author, co-creator and Executive Producer of the series Star Trek-Voyager, has written this book. She intertwines two separate storylines with Capt. Janeway facing a battle on two fronts: battling a Kazon warship inside a gaseous nebula, and havingan away team trapped on a nearby planet. She must make a difficult choice - to leaver her friends, or save her ship.

In making this decision, she relives some of the best and worst moments of her life from the age of 4 hiding under her father's desk, to the day she took command of Voyager to pursue the Maquis into the badlands. Kathryn's father was Admiral Edward Janeway, she was her father's favorite and her nickname was Goldenbird. She had one sister, was an excellent Parrieses Squares player and was a whiz at math and science. Her very best friend was Hobbes Johnson.

While reflecting back on her memories at Starfleet Academy, she waits for her ship to be repaired. She remembers her dream to become a Starfellt Officer; her Academy advisor, Admiral Owen Paris, and how tough he was on her. Kathryn even remembers meeting William Riker, later Commander Riker of the USS Enterprise. Meanwhile, Voyager is playing hide-and-seek with the Kazon in the nebula, the repairs are being made and she still has to decide what to do about the crew stranded nearby.

More memories surface - her graduation from Starfleet Academy, the death of her first lover and her father in a shuttle accident, and her first encounter with Lt. Tuvok, who will become her dearest friend and confidant. She finds Tuvok to be "by the book" while she is more of a risk taker. Drawing on her past, the strength of her crew and her belief in herself and her ship, her decision is made.

I like the book because it told a good story and also mixed a bit of the action with the science fiction side of things that Star Trek is all about. My thoughts on the story itself are that Captain Janeway is a very strong character, and is someone admired by her crew, even though they don't know her whole story. Jeri Taylor's writing style is excellent, to say the least. She weaves a story where you are not able to put the book down until you finish the last page, the last word of the last sentence, and then you want to start reading it all over again.

To any person who is a fan of any Star Trek series or just the Voyager series - if you don't read this book, you are missing a great adventure. Enjoy this one with an open imagination.