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The Farther Shore

Series: Voyager
Author: Christie Golden
Published: July, 2003
Review by: CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris

Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew had come home to a very different Federation then what they remembered. The Dominion War had taken its' toll on Starfleet, but the crew had accepted that and settled into lives of their own. That is until the doctor is held responsible for the planet-wide strike by the holograms and Seven of Nine is held in question to the strange virus that had started to make its' way around the planet. The Voyager crew finds themselves at the end of all the finger pointing. The newly returned crew that had been held to a high standard after their survival and return home is now being held responsible for the sudden outbreak of a Borg virus. The newly promoted Janeway isn't about to take this sitting down and gathers up her crew to save not only their two crewmembers, but also the whole planet that they had worked seven years to come back to. They didn't waste all that time to come back and have it destroyed before their eyes, but for the first time Janeway and the crew are working against Starfleet, the very people they came home to because of the connection they shared.

But at least they have help. Libby Webber, Harry Kim's old flame, is no longer just a beautiful musician. She's an undercover agent and hot on the case of some of Starfleet's biggest names like Captain Picard or Admiral Montgomery. The more and more that she reveals in her work the more she realizes these aren't the people responsible as her own boss starts acting strangely. Libby decides to make Brenna Covington think that she is still working for her, but Libby starts to uncover stuff about Covington instead of who Covington is point fingers at. But how can she go against a whole secret agency and get Harry along with his crew out of danger? Janeway and a few select few make their way back to Voyager for their plan and use their once home for one last mission when Harry starts receiving messages from an unknown source telling him where the danger lies.

Now that Janeway knows where to look, she has to rescue Seven and somehow put a stop to a virus that she knows her crew did not bring back home. B'Elanna Torres is unaware of all that is going on at home on Earth. In Homecoming, she started out on an adventure to find out the truth about her mother's death when her mother went on the same adventure that B'Elanna is on now. B'Elanna does find her mother and a lot of truth that had been hidden from her all her life. She remembers her mother as being fierce and large, but that's not the woman that she finds. Miral greets her daughter, the woman she has become and the mother she is now. Only finding each other out in this wilderness is half of the battle as they start to head back. Now that they've found each other and have come to an understanding, will they make it out of the woods alive together?

This book didn't raise the hairs on my arm as much as the first one did in this two-book series, but it was a good ending. You suspect some things all along and most of it comes true, but then other parts split off to twist in a totally different direction. Where the Borg virus really came from surprised me and I really loved Libby in these books. This girl wasn't going to just sit around and mourn for Harry, so she did something for herself. Only now she is in way too deep, but she never loses her cool. A new side of Seven comes around as she lives with her aunt and a side that makes her even more human. Family seems to be a good change for Seven. The doctor is just the doctor and what else can you say about this sarcastic and egotistical EMH other than that you love him to death anyway? B'Elanna's storyline is a fitting fight and conclusion to the never-ending hate she had of her mother during Voyager. The only thing I didn't like and Christie Golden was just following the franchise, but they made Janeway an admiral. This is a woman that would so be better out in the field, but then they made Kirk an admiral and look where that got him. If anything, these two books make it evident that the Voyager crew's adventures aren't going to end here.